Shotgunmag teams up with Voltz - the Uks' no.1 energy shot

Shotgunmag has recently been involved with an exciting new launch of the UKs most powerful, healthy alternative to energy drinks - Ladies and gentlemen, may we proudly introduce to you

The Voltz energy shot is a brand new formula of energy drink, packed full of power into a tiny little bottle, perfect for those of you who live high octane lives, with very little time to stomach the common large canned energy drinks. It has its health benefits too, with only 2 calories and packed full of vitamins and amino acids, this is a good alternative for those of you that are health concious, but still like to party hard for longer.

Now, Voltz has a few exciting opportunities for you creatives out there in the pipeline.

To help launch the product on UK shores, Voltz distribution team, (never to do things by half) has coughed up a whopping £10,000 for the individual, or team, that produce the most effective / hilarious / viral marketing video to be used as the first official advert for the Voltz product.

This will be an online competition, with voting system and with a panel of well respected judges within the industry. The winner (s) will be awarded with the full huge cheque at the official awards ceremony in 2010. Dates and competition entry rules are yet to be finalized, but the best way of staying up to speed is to sign up to the Voltz Live blog.

So students, film-makers, animators, advert-designers, agencies and creative thinkers, get on over to the Voltz live blog and sign up via RSS to keep in the loop for the official competition launch!