Shotgunmag teams up with Voltz - the Uks' no.1 energy shot
Shotgunmag has recently been involved with an exciting new launch of the UKs most powerful, healthy alternative to energy drinks - Ladies and gentlemen, may we proudly introduce to you...Read More

Download - Crispy Gallery
Having problems trying to find a light-weight gallery thats fully customizable? Look no further, the Crispy Gallery by Shotgun Mag has loads of mouth watering low-cal features and a sweet tasting built in pre-loader...Read More

Wallpaper : Slow Shutter No.1
A nice variation of the Slow Shutter 2 tutorial finished as a wallpaper for you to download here and use for free on your computer...Read More

Vector Pack : Swirls No.1
FLASH PACK ! To save you time we have put together our last 3 vector packs into one post, download them all here free and use them in your artwork how you wish. Theres no limitation on that by the way, commercial use is allowed...Read More

PS Tutorial : Replacing the sky
Why put up with a poor sky in your otherwise perfect shot, when you can put a better one in? This quick tutorial will guide you through the steps to replace the sky with a new one of your choice...Read More

PS Tutorial : Slow Shutter Effect
Shotgun Mag teaches you how to create this beautiful slow shutter text effect. Back due to its popularity on SGM2, this new tutorial offers an enhanced method of creating this great lighting effect. By listening to your comments from SGM2 we have ensured that the new version is loads easier to follow! Get stuck in!...Read More

PS Tutorial : The Pen Tool
From our experience at Shotgun Front we have found that one of the most basic tools in Photoshop is still not being used correctly. We thought it was about time that a decent, fully comprehensive tutorial on the pen tool and its uses with your own artwork was available online, so here it is...Read More